Walmart Debit Credit and Gift Card Touchscreen

By Gavin | July 17, 2019

What are some of the ways you pay for your purchases at Walmart? I bet you use a credit card, a debit card, and maybe even at Walmart gift card. Today I'm going to teach you how to use all these forms of payments.


All it takes to do the debit card

After you finish scanning your customer's items you press total, the total is going to appear on this screen, and then you see your total would be twelve eighty-one. If the customer uses the debit card at this part this is going to get really easy.

They'll slide the debit card through the reader, select debit, select if you want cash back, yes or no. If they don't want cash back it would be X exact amount card, press that the receipt prints, and you're all done. After the debit transaction has been accepted the customers, their receipt and their merchandise and you're all done. That's all it takes to do the debit card.

What about credit cards we take them to

Let's talk about credit card, what about credit cards we take them to, and it works just about the same as the debt, aren't just follow the prompts on your registry. We'll show you how that's done, you ever heard of a smart chip, some credit cards have them now.


If your customer's credit card has smart chip they should insert the card into the bottom of the reader, smart chip first, instead of swiping it, they might also be prompted to enter a pen. By the way, Walmart gift cards work the same way as a credit card, the customers swipe circuit card and you press the card purple.

Some types of identity can be accepted

Have you ever been asked to show your ID when making a credit card purchase? I bet you wonder why that happens. Protect our customer's accounts, and their identity doesn't happen very often, but when it does we need to know what we can accept. A driver's license or a state ID or a military a year college forms of ID, but just to understand that when you accept the ID that it needs to match the person on the ID.

Just follow the prompts on your register, and you'll have them all taken care of in no time, but hey guess what we still have their ID. This is a great opportunity to thank our customer, personally named for shopping at our Walmart. Thanks, Kelly for shopping at Walmart.


We're so glad to see anything looks questionable, make sure you do two four eight, actually call your CSS Kellerman dipper cards, credit cards are taking these correct words. It's just another way to help our customers have a quick and easy shopping.

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