Walmart Credit Card Review 2018

By Gavin | January 22, 2019

We're going to go through a brief analysis of the Walmart credit card including my benefits and rewards as well as some terms of the conditions that you should be aware of.

Let's get straight to going to the website, you can see here the main reward seven hours a soiree save 3% on purchase, purchase disease are not in-store purchases, and 2% at Murphy's USA or Walmart gas stations in 1%, pretty much anywhere that your credit card is accepted as that being MasterCard. So anywhere when that is accepted you can also get 1% annotating. Those are the benefits and the terms and conditions that you can see. the interest rate is twenty-three point four percent among store-based credit cards.

That's not bad, it's a little below, a little better than average. There is no ALC, but event lease is going to use. They're quite high service payments, you can see up to thirty-seven dollars, the grace period is average at twenty-five days.

What's good about the Walmart credit card is the simple, and honest, and easy benefits and rewards, basically savings which you can see here, the fact that it's relatively easy to obtain a Walmart credit card.

So those are the benefits using the terms and conditions, be careful not to try to carry a balance or white go to any benefits that you have on Mitchell alarms, so that being said that's our review three out of five stars at credit card