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By Gavin | May 23, 2019

Walmart credit card login and If you'd like to login to your Walmart credit card account first thing you're going to do is just in your browser type in Walmart credit card login.

And you will get to a page, you'll see a page that will see that will say a Walmart credit card login, and just click that link and you would then be on this webpage. This is the home page for the accounts management area, over here in the blue box this is where you're going.


If you already have a credit card and you already are enrolled in online account management this is where you would log in.

What Walmart credit card is

Now if you're not familiar with what Walmart credit card is, Walmart itself is an American based chain of discount stores, it's considered the largest chain of stores in the world, and the Walmart credit card is a store card that may only be used at one of any Walmart stores worldwide or online. You can use, you can purchase online, you can purchase in a store, you can purchase from a mobile device. But that's what very basically what the Walmart credit card is now once you have.

How to enroll and login Walmart credit card

If you have not yet enrolled, and you would like a credit card account, an online management account, you'll go below this large yellow box to enroll now and access your account.

Click that button you need to be the primary account holder of the card and you need to have the credit card in your possession at the time, and what you'll do is enter your credit card number from the front of your card into Spock's.

Then click Next, and you will be prompted from all the way from beginning to end privately with regard to how to get everything set up, so that you'll have an online management account for your credit card, and so that's how you get the online management account now.


How to retrieve your user ID

If you are wanting to log in and you can't remember your user ID, go to look up user ID, the lookup user ID link on the signup box, and you're going to enter the account number again here, last four digits of the primary account holder, social security number, click Next, and yet again you will be prompted from beginning to end with regard to how to retrieve your user ID. That's how you retrieve the user ID.

Once you have an account and everything is set up, and you're ready to log in and manage your account or look at purchases or see what rewards are available.

You'll type in your user ID, if you don't want to type it in each time click remember me, do not click this box if you are working on a shared device or a public VC.

But if not click the Remember Me box and you won't have just to type that in each time as long as you have a private device or PC, and then click sign in now, and that's how you log in to your Walmart credit card account.

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