Two Best Dropshipping Credit Cards For Amazon And Walmart

By Gavin | July 17, 2019

My first post was about in general, and you should know that by now that I dropship primarily off of Amazon, but I do also use Walmart. Basically, if you are not this post is going to be all about just cash back credit cards in general, and in all honesty, if you are not utilizing cash back credit cards then you are screwing yourself out of a ton of money.


Two best cash back credit cards for Amazon and Walmart

I know that last month I got almost $3,000 cash back from that was a slow month right now, my cash back doesn't come back in until the 12th, so that's in 3 days, but I am expecting close to $5,000 cash back strictly from my Amazon credit card, in general, that being said I want to explain to you the two best cash back credit cards for Amazon and Walmart that I do have.

Right here what you're looking at is the Amazon Prime cards or the Amazon cards, in general, the Amazon Prime card is this, that I have is this grey one right here. At least I practice what I preach that card is, in fact, what I think is the best. These ones over here on the left are Chase Bank, and these ones over here on the right are through Synchrony Bank.

Should have a Prime membership

I really do not like synchrony Bank, I like the Walmart card, I'm going to show you in a second is actually synchrony Bank, I know I'm not a big fan of them. I've never had a problem with Chase though and I really do enjoy Chase in general. So that being said this five percent cash back card is five percent on when you have a Prime membership.

In general, I mean if you are drop shipping from you should have a Prime membership, there's no reason not to. You really kind of screen yourself if you don't, so that is the best card that I would say. It's 5% cash back on the Amazon price, it does not include tax.


They say the items $10 you're getting 50 cents back, say there are 20 dollars you're getting $1 back. Think of it that way, I mean if you dropship $100 item you're getting five bucks back on that. I mean it's really helpful, it's really important, and there's no reason not to get it.

It's harder to get the grey one

If you live in the United States this blue one right here is a little bit easier to get than the grey one. I think it's harder to get the grey one, you might have to have better credit or something, but this isn't 3% cash back and it's really not Amazon Prime Cart and not Amazon Prime holders or whatever.

I'm guessing that synchrony card is the same thing, so we can scroll down here and look at it, not Amazon Prime one. I don't even think there is something for the synchrony, I really don't like synchrony, it's only 5% ACK back at cache, where here you can actually just use it restaurants, gas stations, other things, all your purchases.

You can use it for other things as well although I don't like to mix business and personal use on my cards. I really only use it for business, but as you can tell I mean you are also getting 5% cash back at Whole Foods. I mean for you out there that like Whole Foods, this is another bonus getting the card.

This is the card that I use pretty much a hundred 200 times a day, and it's really awesome to have in general.

Walmart card does not give you a very high credit limit

From there the other card that I taught that I want to talk about is the Walmart calm card right here. The one thing I can say about this card is they do not give you a very high credit limit when you first start off. I really only got a thousand or something when I first started off.


As I started moving more I mean it's right here, as I started moving more Walmart purchases, I switched to this card, was the Citi double cash which gives you two percent back, it's missing one percent, but right now I get all a higher limit on that card.

I do in fact use that, but this Walmart card is 3% cash back at Walmart calm including grocery pickup, they're all about the groceries on these cards. I mean this is a very important and very helpful card to get, and I mean I'm sure some of you are sitting there saying I have bad credit.

There's almost no excuse to not have one of these cards

I mean there's almost no excuse to not have one of these cards, I know my business partner Jason didn't get accepted for the 5 percent cash back card, he had the 3 percent one for a while, and then he got his girlfriend to get to qualify for the five percent card, and then from there he's a Cocoa user or whatever, it's called he can also use the 5 percent card.

That's how we got that to work, I mean you really need to just be creative on getting these things to work, and if you don't live in the United States I've even heard of people going over flying to the United States starting up a bank here opening up credit cards and stuff and then flying back.

I mean if you're serious about your business, if there's a will there's a way. You really need to go out there, you really need to try your hardest to get these cards, because that's the reason why there are those people out there that have extremely low margins or you might think they're going negative, but in reality nobody's drop shipping to go negative, and that they drop shippers.


Get extra cash on top the cash back card

You can look at their account and tell, when you see people with very low margins, they're utilizing the 5% cash back on the back end, they might not be making a lot up front, but you see those accounts that have sold like a million dollars in sales in the past 30 days or whatever.

It looks like they're making no money, but they're making money, they're not going to do it if not to make money. This is one of the reasons why they do it, I'm probably going to come up with another post on different cashback websites and what I utilize to get extra cash on top the cash back card.

On top of my front end profit which is the cashback websites, on the back end, I really hope you enjoyed this post.

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